Pre-branch cable (YFD)

Pre-branch cable (YFD)

The pre-branch cable consists of four parts: 1 trunk cable; 2 branch wires; 3 branch connectors; 4 related accessories. There are three types: normal type, flame retardant type (ZR), and fire resistant type (NH). The pre-branch cable is a substitute for the power supply of the busway in the high-rise building. It has the advantages of reliable power supply, convenient installation, good waterproofness, small building area, low failure rate, low price, maintenance-free maintenance, etc. In the 0.6/1KV distribution line. It is widely used in vertical power supply in high-rise buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, hospital electrical shafts, and also for power supply systems such as tunnels, airports, bridges, and highways.

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