Mineral cable

Mineral cable

The flexible mineral insulated cable is composed of a copper core, a mineral insulating material, and a metal sheath such as copper. It has good fire resistance, high temperature resistance, large current capacity, waterproof, corrosion resistance, mechanical damage resistance, radiation resistance and electromagnetic compatibility, and beautiful appearance. At the same time, the cable will not emit any smoke, halogen and fire under fire conditions. Toxic and harmful gases.

Mainly used in trunk lines, fire lines, escape rescue systems, such as emergency lighting, fire monitoring, alarm systems, elevator systems, smoke exhaust systems, and control lines.

The flexible mineral insulated cable is suitable for power transmission in power lines with rated voltages of 0.6/1KV and below. It is used in many occasions where the cable has flame retardant requirements, such as high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, subways, nuclear power plants, power plants, ore, petroleum, and chemical industries. The main models are BTTW, BTTRZ, BTLY, YTTW.
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