80% electricians don’t know the answer, do you?

80% electricians don’t know the answer, do you?

2020-08-07 15:53



People who have some common sense of electricians know that when installing sockets, they should be left null and right fire, but why should they be left zero and right fire? Most people will say it is a national standard or industry standard, only know that it is so connected, but as to why, it is estimated that many electricians can not answer.




 Why install the socket to the left zero right fire?


  1. For unified wiring, convenient installation and maintenance

When connecting the electric wire, as long as the zero fire wire is unified, it can quickly identify the zero fire wire, professional wiring, whether it is installation or maintenance, so as to avoid the mixed use of zero fire wire and lead to circuit failure. The other point is to ensure that the installed electrical switch can cut off the live wire accurately, so as to achieve a safe state.

  1. It's not just wires left zero right fire.

In our daily life, the faucets we use are hot on the left and cold on the right.The toilets in public places are left male and right female. So the left zero and right fire of the circuit is commonly known as norms. And it's not just China that does it.This is what electricians all over the world do.


  1. Through the annual electrical accidents data investigation found 

Most people are used to pulling the plug with their right hand,and the thumb of the right hand is on the left side of the plug,some people will put their right thumb on the socket as a fulcrum,cause when pull out the plug,the body part with the highest risk of electric shock is the right thumb.

If we put the wire on the left,the probability of electric shock will be much higher.And put the null on the left, even if your thumb touches the metal conductor, it's only touching the null line.In the case of electrical equipment not working zero line is no electricity, there would be no electric shock. And relatively speaking, the right hand is more agile than the left hand, will instinctively throw off

  1. The heart is on the left side of the chest

The main cause of death after electric shock is ventricular fibrillation. Research shows when the current travels from the left hand to the feet, 67% of the current flows through the heart; from the right hand to the feet, and 3.7% to the heart. From the right hand to the left hand, 3.3%; left foot to the right foot, only 0.4% of the current through the heart.So if the left hand is electrocuted, which is closest to the heart, it will go into direct shock and even die. If the right hand is electrocuted, the heart is not so damaged, there is still the chance of rescue, left zero right fire design is to reduce the probability of to the electric shock to the heart.



What would happen if the wires were connected backwards?

In fact, if the zero line and live line are connected in the opposite direction, it does not affect the normal use,electrical appliances will be automatically identified, the current will be from the fire line into the zero line out. But it's important to note that, the identification of leakage switch is to disconnect the fire line. If the two wires are reversed, even the appliance is not turned on, it will still be in charged state. Once the electrical leakage, people come into contact with the electrical appliances, will be an electric shock accident, there are certain safety hazards.


Of course, left zero right fire certainly cannot eliminate the occurrence of electric shock accident, but can reduce the probability of electric shock occurrence.Therefore, please strictly in accordance with the specifications of construction, do not leave safety hazards, don't make fun of your life!



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