CTT CABLE Participates in Community Sports Meeting

CTT CABLE Participates in Community Sports Meeting

2020-12-11 10:33

"Come on, come on!" On the morning of October 18, bursts of laughter and cheering came from Li songlang community basketball court. Li songlang community held a fun game in full swing. "Consolidate the heart, Forge ahead with the Masses and Party Members" was the theme. The Party branch of CTT CABLE responded positively and sent more than 10 people to participate in the activity.




The games set up a total of five events: invincible hot wheel, joint efforts to build a tower, roly-poly forest, all the stars bend towards the moon, dry land dragon boat. Simple, but full of fun. 100 people were divided into 10 teams to participate in the competition. During the match, the players on the field were in full swing, and the audience also shouted, cheered one after another.








In this games, the staff of CTT CABLE worked together and fought bravely. They won the first and second place in many individual competitions. The competition results were outstanding, which fully showed the spirit of unity and cooperation of the staff and the good outlook of striving upward, and also everyone enjoyed the relaxed and happy fun of interesting sports.





Participating in the interesting sports meeting not only enriches the spiritual and cultural life of our employees, but also enhances the sense of teamwork, struggle and cooperation, as well as the communication between enterprises in the jurisdiction. Finally, after nearly two hours of competition, the community games came to an end in the laughter of everyone.


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