Why do cables fail frequently in summer

Why do cables fail frequently in summer

2021-08-26 14:54

Summer is the peak of cable failure and fire, the primary cause of frequent circuit faults is the long-term load operation of the cable. When the ordinary cable is overloaded for a long time, it often continues to heat due to the thermal effect of current, which finally leads to the rise of cable temperature and the continuous aging of cable.



Precautions for power cable protection in summer

The fire-resistant and flame-retardant cable can withstand greater current under the same cross-sectional area and is not easy to be aged and damaged. In short, the insulation properties of ordinary cables are reduced and are broken down by current, which loses the function of transmitting power. However, fire-resistant and flame-retardant cables have thicker insulation layer and stronger current carrying capacity for ordinary household appliances. Especially in summer, the cable load is large and the external temperature is high. Ordinary cables are prone to power failure due to overheating, resulting in fire and other accidents.

Important contents of cable protection in summer

Secondly, do not buy "three noes" fake and shoddy products or products inconsistent with the voltage at home. The power must not be overloaded to avoid overload of the line. The small horse pulls the cart, resulting in heating and fire of the line equipment. When purchasing power cables, large models of power cables should be purchased.


Flexible mineral insulated cable is composed of copper core, mineral insulating material, copper and other metal sheaths. It has the characteristics of good fire resistance, high temperature resistance, large current carrying capacity, waterproof, corrosion resistance, mechanical damage resistance, radiation resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, beautiful appearance, etc. at the same time, the cable will not emit any smoke, halogen and toxic and harmful gases under fire conditions.


It is mainly used in trunk lines, fire lines, escape and rescue systems, such as emergency lighting, fire monitoring, alarm system, elevator system, smoke exhaust system, control lines, etc.

High temperature in summer, CTT CABLE reminds you to pay attention to power safety and buy cable products with brand protection! CTT CABLE has been deeply engaged in the cable industry for nearly 40 years. It is a big brand and made with ingenuity!


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