Heavy | State Grid Information and Communications Department and Transportation Supervision Center Merge to Establish Energy Internet Department!

Heavy | State Grid Information and Communications Department and Transportation Supervision Center Merge to Establish Energy Internet Department!

2019-03-11 11:47

Source: Headline of Power Grid, Polaris Power Grid
On March 8, a teleconference was held in Beijing on the deployment of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things construction work of the State Grid Corporation of China.  The meeting implemented the spirit of the company's third and fourth employee congress and 2019 working conference, made overall arrangements for the construction of ubiquitous power internet of things, mobilized the company to further unify their thinking, raise awareness, overcome difficulties and accelerate the implementation of the strategy of "three types, two networks and world class".


The State Grid Corporation of China put forward a new strategic goal of "three types and two networks" in its report of the two sessions in 2019. At the same time, it also proposed that the important material basis for building a world-class energy Internet enterprise is to build and operate "two networks". The "two networks" here are "strong smart grid" and "ubiquitous power Internet of Things".  "Strong Smart Grid" has been well known with the construction of UHV.  The "Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things" will obviously become the second network that the State Grid Corporation will focus on promoting next.
So what is the so-called "ubiquitous power internet of things"?  Why build such a net?  What are the specific contents and objectives?
According to the State Grid Corporation's "Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Construction Outline," Ubiquitous Internet of Things "refers to the information connection and interaction between any time, any place, any person and any thing.  "Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things" connects power users and their equipment, power grid enterprises and their equipment, power generation enterprises and their equipment, suppliers and their equipment, and people and things to generate shared data and serve users, power grids, power generation, suppliers and government society.  With the power grid as the hub, it will play a platform and sharing role to create greater opportunities and provide value services for the development of the whole industry and more market players.
In order to fully implement the "Three Types and Two Networks" development strategy, the headquarters of State Grid Corporation has adjusted its organizational structure and some middle-level cadres.
The State Grid Information and Communications Department and the Transportation Supervision Center merged to form the Energy and Internet Department, and the company's chief information officer concurrently served as the director of the Internet Department.  The former head of the Information and Communications Department was responsible for preparing the Big Data Center.
In addition, the State Grid Corporation has also adjusted the heads of CLP Power Finance, State Grid Finance Leasing Company, State Grid Industry Department and Nanrui Group.


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