New offshore wind power market capacity of 121 GW in the past 12 months

New offshore wind power market capacity of 121 GW in the past 12 months

2019-06-28 14:56

According to the latest data from the UK's wind energy trading agency Renewable UK, the global offshore wind power market has grown by 16% in the past 12 months, with the United States accounting for nearly half of the global increase.过去12个月全球海上风电市场新增产能121吉瓦

RenewableUK announced new data at the 2019 Global Offshore Wind Power Conference in London, revealing that the global portfolio of offshore wind projects that are operating, under construction or under development has increased from less than 105 GW to more than 121 GW in the past 12 months.
Europe remains the single largest region of offshore wind power, accounting for 66% of global pipeline projects. Europe is dominated by the UK, and the UK's offshore wind power projects at different stages of development have accumulated more than 38.4 GW, an increase of 9% over the past 12 months.
“The UK places offshore wind power at the heart of our energy future, and the global market is following our development,” said Hugh McNeal, CEO of Renewable UK. “Other countries are actively participating in competition to create opportunities for global exports and investment. Offshore wind power Innovation will help transform the UK's energy system and set global trends in new markets."
“In 2019, the UK was the world's most exciting offshore wind power market, offering up to 6 GW of new capacity at record low prices. The industry is creating new opportunities for communities across the UK and investing in talent to make us The number of employees has increased to more than 27,000."
Germany is the second largest country in Europe and the second largest wind energy market in the world with a pipeline of 16.5 GW. However, this is actually a decline compared to 12 months ago, as some of the old projects under development have been cancelled.
Outside Europe, the United States quickly emerged as the third onshore wind energy market, surpassing China's 12 GW and China's 8.9 GW pipeline project, reaching 15.7 GW. As has been widely reported, the United States has been promoting the development of offshore wind projects, with new policy initiatives by East Coast states and granting a large number of projects to developers.
Overall, these five countries and regions together account for 75% of global offshore wind energy capacity. This growth has benefited from the cost reduction of the entire industry, and many markets have fallen more than 50% in the past few years.
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