Myanmar “super power plant” put into production

Myanmar “super power plant” put into production

2019-08-17 15:15

"The voltage is 220 volts and the power is 3000 watts. This is the electricity permit issued by the Electricity Bureau. There are no problems in starting dozens of air conditioners at the hotel. There will be no power outage," about 40 kilometers south of Mandalay in the northern city of Myanmar. In Xixi Town, the eternal hotel manager called for Wen to point the certificate on the wall and confidently patted the reporter of the Global Times. "The hotel opened last year, the occupancy rate is basically 80%. It is really grateful to be able to operate normally. Power plant!"缅甸“超级发电厂”投产 中国制造

Yanxi Power Plant is located in Yuxi Town, 37 km south of Mandalay. It was jointly invested by Myanmar NIHC and MCM Company and EPC General Contractor of Shandong Electric Power Construction Third Engineering Co., Ltd., which was started in July 2018. The handover is completed in the month. As the largest internal combustion engine power generation project in Myanmar, the Xixi Gas Power Station produces 1.274 billion kWh of clean electricity per year, which will solve the electricity problem of 2.7 million people.
"This power plant will not only greatly increase the power supply in the Mandalay region, but also supply other regions through the national grid. I am gratified and appreciated that the Xixi Power Station has overcome difficulties and put into production as scheduled," said Myanmar State Affairs, which attended the power plant completion and commissioning ceremony. Zishan Aoshan Suji said that Myanmar's current power shortage is more than 50%. After the operation of the Xixi Power Plant, it will connect to the national grid and benefit more Burmese people.
Near the town of Yuxi, there is KAMAX, the first motorcycle assembly plant in Myanmar. The plant moved from Yangon to Yuxi in 2017. Entering the factory, the reporter saw that the assembled motorcycles were neatly parked in the factory and waiting to be transported to all parts of Myanmar. On the production line in the workshop, dozens of Burmese workers are assembling motorcycles in an orderly and orderly manner. “We can now produce 200 sets of motorcycles every day. When the power was cut off before, the assembly line stopped, and it was only a waste of time, and the cost of using diesel generators. It will increase several times. Thank you very much for the power plant built by the Chinese company," Motun said as he extended his thumb.
At present, the electrification rate of Myanmar residents is only 38%, which is one of the low-level countries in the world. Hydropower is the most important form of power generation in Myanmar, accounting for 60.4%; followed by natural gas power generation, accounting for 35.6%. In order to achieve the goal of nationwide electrification in 2030, the Myanmar government is developing various power development programs, including the development of hydropower, gas power, wind power, and solar power. China-Myanmar power infrastructure construction cooperation is an important part of the “Belt and Road” construction and the backbone of the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. “Due to the imbalance of power supply structure, the power generation capacity of hydropower stations in the dry season has been greatly reduced, highlighting the role of natural gas power plants,” said Li Wei, deputy manager of the gas-fired power station project.
Since its entry into the Myanmar market in the 1990s, China Power Construction has implemented about 40 projects with a total contract value of US$2.6 billion. Its main business areas cover power, power grid, and communication infrastructure. It has participated in the survey and design of most of the hydropower stations in Myanmar. It has built a number of landmark projects such as the “Three Gorges Project” in Myanmar—Yeva Hydropower Station, Taipingjiang Hydropower Station, Dageda Gas Power Station, and Xixi Gas Power Station, and compiled the first system to reflect the hydropower development in Myanmar over the next 20 years. Planning report. Among them, the Dageda gas-steam combined cycle power plant has created a new record for the construction of the natural gas power station with the highest efficiency and lowest energy consumption in Myanmar.
Of course, a power plant still cannot fully solve the lack of power in the Mandalay region. During the interview with Mandalay, reporters encountered power outages every day in hotels, restaurants, enterprises and schools. Many shops have generators, but the noise and expensive fuel costs of the generators both bother the customers and make the business feel bad. Many citizens told reporters, "I look forward to building more natural gas power plants like the Xixi Power Plant, so that even in the dry season, there will be no power outages."
Source: Global Times

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