Global power investment will reach 13.3 trillion US dollars by 2050

Global power investment will reach 13.3 trillion US dollars by 2050

2019-08-23 15:23

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) forecast, global investment in renewable energy generation capacity will greatly exceed investment in new fossil fuel power plants by 2050, as renewable energy's share of world power generation capacity will be exponential. increase.


It is estimated that in the next 32 years, the global investment in new power will reach 13.3 trillion US dollars, of which renewable energy accounts for 77%, especially solar and wind energy will lead the renewable energy investment in the next 30 years.
Specifically, by 2050, wind power will attract 5.3 trillion US dollars of investment, solar energy will attract investment of 4.2 trillion US dollars, and battery investment will reach 843 billion US dollars, and investment in new fossil fuel power stations will be less than 2 trillion US dollars. The annual average is about $416 billion.
By 2050, global investment in new generation capacity will help build 15,145 GW of new power plants. 80% of them will be zero carbon technology. In the next three decades, 1,666 GW of non-generation capacity, such as batteries and flexible demand response capabilities, will also be built.
On the battery side, according to the latest major findings, declining battery costs, as well as increased clean energy capacity and usage, will lead to a boom in global fixed energy storage over the next two decades, which will require a total investment of $626 billion.
According to BNEF's latest forecast, by 2040, the global energy storage scale is expected to soar to 1,095 GW, or 2,850 GWh, while currently only 9 GW / 17 GWh is deployed. The battery will help increase the green power generation capacity for integration into the grid.
The report predicts that by 2032, the world will have more wind and solar power than coal-fired power. By 2026, the use of coal will peak in the world, and coal power generation around the world will gradually decline, except for Asia. However, even in Asia's largest markets: China and India, coal will peak in the coming decades.
From a global perspective, by 2050, the world's coal-fired power generation will decline significantly, accounting for only 12% of the world's electricity, and currently 27%.
Europe will be a leader in the transition to renewable energy in the region. By 2040, renewable energy will account for 90% of the European electricity structure, with wind and solar being 80%.
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