Condolences to Hubei employees who returned to the factory

Condolences to Hubei employees who returned to the factory

2020-05-08 10:02

On the morning of April 27, the company's Party branch and the "anti-epidemic Leading Group" jointly organized a condolence event for employees in isolation after returning from Hubei Province, party branch Secretary Zhu Zhiyong, Production Plant Director Deng Wang, party members and cadres, a total of 11 activists participated in the event. The consolers went to the isolation room of 12 Hubei native workers in turn, and sent them some fruits and goodies. They also asked the isolation workers about their current physical conditions, and what difficulties or requirements they had in their daily lives. The company will do their best to help them solving the problems. In 12 Hubei employees back to work before the factory, the company has arranged for its nucleic acid testing, and all have passed.

Han Hongqu, Huang Lei, Liu Zhenhua, Zhixuexiang, Shao Liang and others who conducted the quarantine observation said: Thanks to the concern of the company at all levels, life has been arranged well during the quarantine period. Now it has been very comfortable according to the requirements of the time isolation. Until the second nucleic acid testing, we will contribute to the company by stay isolated!

CTT always adhere to people-oriented, care for employees, pay attention to the personal value of employees, so that each employee deeply feel the company's "home" caring. In 2020, the epidemic will eventually far away, the future continues to move forward, let us stick with love, hand in hand, join hands to create a better tomorrow!


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