CTT CABLE 2020 "God of wealth Festival" dinner was held successfully

CTT CABLE 2020 "God of wealth Festival" dinner was held successfully

2020-08-19 09:09


On August 13, 2020 (June 24 of the lunar calendar), the "God of wealth Festival" in Chaoshan area was ushered in. Jieyang has a custom of inviting employees. How can creative bosses express their deep love for their employees? Have you had a big meal?



God of wealth Festival dinner is one of the activities of CTT CABLE humanistic care. In order to thank all colleagues for their contributions and efforts for the company, the board of directors of the company specially arranged a dinner party for all employees and their family members, so that the big family could gather together and join the God of wealth.



                                                                                      ( Chairman's speech  )




                                       (Toast to the chairman of the board and wish the company a prosperous development)



The chairman of the board of directors expressed his heartfelt thanks to all of you for your efforts. Hope everybody will have a good time eating and drinking. Wish everybody good health and good luck!





The leader of the board of directors of the company toasts all the guests and CTT CABLE family! Thank them for their hard work and dedication to the company, so that the company's overall steady development and prosperity.








The feast was full of happy laughter, and everyone raised their glasses to express their feelings. The whole banquet scene was filled with a strong atmosphere of joy, and the dinner party continued in warmth and joy.






The development and growth of CTT CABLE in the past 37 years is inseparable from the hard work and hard work of all employees. The company will also carry out various forms of cultural and sports activities, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enrich the daily life of all employees, let us work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!


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