A Real Core, Double Reassurance

A Real Core, Double Reassurance

2020-08-21 09:38



Electricity is the ubiquitous energy in our life. Modern life can not do without electricity. But with the gradual expansion of the scope of use, electrical fire is more and more frequent. According to statistics, more than 70% of the fires are caused by short circuit and aging of wires, which has a great demand on the performance of wires.


By exploring the market demand, CTT CABLE has continuously strengthened product process innovation. After careful research and development and strict process production, it has developed and launched a new product of household wire with advantages of safety, environmental protection, energy saving and durability. This product is copper core double layer co-extrusion insulation radiation cross linked halogen-free low smoke flame retardant wire WDZA-GYJS(F). It provides guarantee for high-quality and safe home life. It is mainly used in high-end home decoration, hotels, key projects and boutique construction projects.



Double insulation, double safety

The traditional single-layer insulation structure is easy to wear and scratch in use. This product adopts double-layer insulation structure, with strong wear-resistant outer layer and high insulation inside layer. The product has high insulation resistance and good moisture-proof performance. It can effectively avoid leakage trip caused by moisture of wires, and double protection is more safe for power consumption.



Health and environmental protection

In line with the ROHS environmental protection standards, no heavy metal toxic, harmful substances and smoke generate during combustion and its rarefied. Traditional products adopt PVC insulation with high content of heavy metals and halogen. This product adopts radiation cross linked low smoke halogen-free and environment-friendly flame retardant materials. The maximum current carrying capacity is about 1.2 times of that of traditional PVC wires. The residual capacity is higher than the design current carrying capacity, which is more safe and reliable, and is beneficial to human health and environmental protection.



High temperature and heat resistance

The temperature resistance of conventional wires is basically 70 ℃, and the overload of wires is easy to cause fire. This product adopts high insulation flame retardant material. The flame retardant grade reaches A, and the temperature resistance can reach 125 ℃. Under the condition of short circuit, there will be no combustion in a short time, which greatly reduces the probability of fire accidents.



Long life and durability

The service life of ordinary wire is 20 years, and it is easy to aging and lose insulation performance in the process of long-term operation. This product is insured by PICC, and its service life is more than 70 years. The cost is greatly reduced while maintaining the safety of household electricity.


Low consumption of electricity

This product uses 99.99% high-quality oxygen free copper, through special process to improve electrical performance. The conductor resistivity is lower. Current carrying capacity is greater. Line loss is less, which is more efficient and low consumption than conventional wire, saving electricity cost for users.


When buying home installed wire, you should not only recognize the authentic brand, but also choose the appropriate wire. Do not covet small and cheap. CTT household environmental protection wire is a good choice to get all-round protection of household electricity safety.


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