Household Wire: the Bigger, the Better?

Household Wire: the Bigger, the Better?

2020-10-13 10:06

Wire is essential for home decoration. Nowadays numerous household appliances have large power. Once a small wire goes wrong, it can become a family safety killer. As for the choice of electric wires, many people say, "I use 4 square meters wires in my house. It will carry more load, and it will be safer." In fact, it's not correct. The old electricians advise "it's really unnecessary"!





Why not?

First, there are certain requirements for wires to pass through PVC pipes, the area occupied by wires shall not exceed 40% of the pipeline. Therefore, the common pipe can hold six wires of 2.5 square meters at most. and 4 square meters can only put three wires. If the whole family uses 4 square meters wires, the position is not enough. The sockets in the home will be greatly reduced.


Second, the thicker the wire is, the more expensive it will be. 4 square meters wire is more expensive than 2.5 square meters, which is a waste of money. Like the ordinary socket, only 2.5 square meters is enough to meet the standard, which can serve most of the commonly used electrical appliances. There's no need to use all 4 square meters.


Third, many developers have reserved 2.5 square meters of wires for households in advance. There is no need to change to 4 square meters.


Chengtiantai suggests you: Switch line with 1.5 square meters, lighting lines and sockets with 2.5 square meters, high-power electrical appliances (air conditioning, water heaters, refrigerators, range hood, etc.) with 4 square meters wires. Now there are many home appliances. 10 square meters is safer.  In addition, please note that 16A socket can connect 4 square meters wires, while 10A sockets can only connect 2.5 square meters wires.


Reasonably distributing different specifications of wires in different area can maximize its use and cheaper. It's better not to use 4 square wires just because you want to save trouble or worry about overload!


Some users feel that it is very difficult to select wires. CTT CABLE suggests buying regular brands. They are reliable and the quality is guaranteed.


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