How to Connect Wires Safely and Firmly at Home?

How to Connect Wires Safely and Firmly at Home?

2020-11-19 10:17

Electricity is closely related to our daily life and brings great convenience to our life. If wires are not well connected in the decoration, it will cause a lot of trouble. However, many decoration workers are careless. Wire installation is a life skill we should know, and we can also check whether our home is like this.



Standard wire connection for home decoration


All wire joints should be in wire box during installation. They cannot be in conduit to ensure that the wire joints won’t strike sparks, have short circuit or poor contact. It is necessary to set the bottom box and wire conduit first before connecting wires. Most families use PPR conduit, which is a great hidden peril to put wire joints inside.



1.Spiral method

Twist one of the two wires into a strand. Wind seven or eight circles around another wire. Bend it backward and press down to prevent falling off.

Spiral method is a conventional wire joint processing method. Please note that wire joints should be in wire box. They cannot put in conduit. This method can avoid short circuit, ignition or poor contact of wires.





2.Wire connector method

This is the most standard and practical method, but it needs special tools: wire connector(need to match wires) and pliers. Wind the wire over the wire connector,and then use pliers to tighten it. After using a sleeve cap, there is no need to use insulation tape any more.In addition, Wire connector size depends on wire diameter and numbers. We usually use T4 type, which can press 4 wires of 4mm square.




It is mainly used for spotlight in ceiling, or high-energy engineering. Don’t break off the main line when connecting wires. Sub-line winds around the main line for 6-8 turns and wrapped with fireproof tape. It can prevent electric fire from burning things. Finally, the outside is wrapped with insulating tape. If the wire joint is not wrapped with insulating tape, the wire will be exposed, which is easy to cause electric leakage and even electric shock accident. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap it with insulating tape to prevent electric leakage.





4.Terminal stud

Terminal stud is the easiest way compared with the above three methods. Just need to screw the wire and plug it in. It is necessary to know the terminal studs price in advance in case some workers lying about price.





After reading the above-mentioned methods. I believe you all know it in mind. Even if you don't connect the circuit, you can also be a good supervisor in decoration. Sometimes there are problems in the circuit at home, you can solve them without asking for help.


Water and electricity installation is very important in home decoration. It is cost and troublesome if there is problem in future.


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