"E Spirit" Opens Electric Vehicle Charging Sharing Mode

"E Spirit" Opens Electric Vehicle Charging Sharing Mode

2019-03-22 13:40

Keeping the pace of "renewal" every month, Guowang Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. introduced a new product-"E-genie" intelligent electric socket on March 20.  This intelligent charging product for electric vehicles to be installed in residential areas and surrounding parking spaces will change the form of traditional public charging piles and private charging piles and realize convenient shared charging for users.  It is expected that the product will be fully promoted throughout the country in the second half of this year.


Separation of "Gun" and "Seat" Disruptes Traditional Charging Mode
In recent years, domestic electric vehicles have maintained a high-speed development trend.  By the end of 2018, the number of electric vehicles in China has reached 2.6 million, of which private electric passenger cars account for about 80%.  It is predicted that China's new energy vehicles will continue to grow rapidly in the future, and the number of new energy vehicles will reach 20 million by 2025.
Unfortunately, the speed of electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction is far from keeping pace with the development of electric vehicles.  Traditional public charging piles are limited by factors such as installation points and oil truck occupancy. Private charging piles also have problems such as many operating steps and insufficient intelligence. These inconveniences lead to the inability of the majority of electric car owners to meet the demand of charging in residential areas.  It is easy to buy cars and difficult to build piles. Existing piles, sharing piles, poor signals and charging are the main bottlenecks that restrict the large number of electric passenger cars entering residential households.
In order to solve this painful problem, Guowang Electric Vehicle Company has innovatively proposed an "E-genie" intelligent electric socket solution, which changes the form of traditional public charging piles and private charging piles and meets the charging needs of private passenger cars by separating "guns" and "seats"-that is, "guns" go with the owner of the car and "seats" are widely distributed with parking spaces.
Reporters saw at the press conference that the "e-genie" intelligent electric socket developed has a small and exquisite appearance, and its overall size is the size of a meter. it integrates powerful functions including charging, control, sensing, information security, etc. in the future, it will be constructed by guowang electric automobile company in residential areas and parking spaces around it.  Private electric car owners only need to spend hundreds of yuan to buy a charging gun, and can realize plug-and-charge and non-inductive payment on any "e-genie" socket.


Shen Jianxin, general manager of Guowang Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., said that considering the problem that the underground garage cannot be charged when the signal is weak, the "E-Spirit" product can be charged without dead corners through Bluetooth assistance.  At the same time, users can also configure gun lines with different lengths according to requirements to realize charging across parking spaces, making charging more convenient.
Accelerated Layout of Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Terminals
"'e-genie' intelligent electrical socket is a typical ubiquitous power internet of things terminal, which can quickly realize the layout of ubiquitous internet of things."  Shen Jianxin said that the product is based on the unified management of the smart car networking platform of the State Grid Corporation of China and provides services to all private electric car owners, thus eliminating the cumbersome procedures and daily maintenance management from reporting to installation.  "More importantly, the intelligent electrical socket will realize orderly charging through intelligent control of the vehicle networking platform."
Shen Jianxin said that the platform can control the usage period of each intelligent electric socket in view of the problem that the load of the distribution network may be strained due to simultaneous charging of electric vehicles in residential areas.  Electric car owners can also quickly check the charging period of nearby electric sockets through the mobile phone APP.  This can not only improve the efficiency of the distribution network, but also reduce the impact of large-scale charging on the power grid to the greatest extent.
In the next step, the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company will give full play to the advantages of the State Grid brand and marketing channels, and will focus on the pilot promotion of smart electrical outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities in the first half of 2019. It is expected that the smart electrical outlets will be fully promoted throughout the country in the second half of this year.
Shen Jianxin denied the reporter's concern about whether the "e-spirit" will replace the traditional public and private charging piles after its full promotion.  "This product is mainly applied to the scene where private electric car owners can easily share charging near residential areas, and will not affect the investment of State Grid Corporation in the construction of public charging piles."  Shen Jianxin said that in the next step, the State Grid Corporation will continue to step up the construction of public charging piles in expressways, inter-city highways, large public places and other places. At the same time, there will be a layout for the construction of high-power and fast-charging piles in order to fully alleviate the pain of electric vehicle charging difficulties and promote the rapid development of China's electric vehicle industry.
Source: China Electric News Network


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