China's First Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Laboratory Established Power Grid in Shanghai with "General Practitioner"

China's First Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Laboratory Established Power Grid in Shanghai with "General Practitioner"

2019-03-29 13:58

 On the morning of March 28, the first ubiquitous power internet of things laboratory in China, the ubiquitous power internet of things intelligent sensing laboratory jointly built by the state grid Shanghai power company and Shanghai jiaotong university, was formally established in Shanghai, marking an exploratory step in the construction of Shanghai's ubiquitous power internet of things.
It is understood that Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things is a major concept put forward by State Grid Corporation of China in 2019. It draws a brand-new blueprint for the construction and development of the future power grid. Its core concept is to connect power users and their equipment, power grid enterprises and their equipment, power generation enterprises and their equipment, suppliers and their equipment, and people and things to generate shared data to serve users, power grids, power generation, suppliers and government society.
Since all data used for calculating and analyzing the status of equipment in ubiquitous power Internet of Things are collected and uploaded by intelligent sensing devices, it can be said that intelligent sensing devices are a series of sensory organs at the end of power Internet of Things, which are similar to "eyes, ears, nose, mouth" and are of great significance for ensuring the normal operation of power Internet of Things.
The ubiquitous power internet of things intelligent perception laboratory set up this time is just a "general practitioner" who carries out physical examination on the perception device to ensure the quality of its access to the power grid.

国内首个泛在电力物联网实验室在沪成立 电网有了“全科保健医生”

It is reported that the completed laboratory will cover business modules such as intelligent manhole cover detection, oil chromatography monitoring device detection, UHF partial discharge sensing device detection, etc. It can simulate the working mode of sensing device in the Internet of Things environment through the whole process to realize all-round performance evaluation of the device.  Only after the sensing device successfully passes through the whole detection process can it have the condition of plug and play on the power grid production site.
In the future, the intelligent sensing laboratory is expected to realize "private customization" of each new type of intelligent sensing device, standardize its "health indicators" in all aspects of performance, and further develop corresponding "physical examination equipment" on this basis.
In addition, the laboratory will carry on the development of the existing data analysis application system to realize the extensive interconnection of power transmission and distribution equipment and the in-depth collection of information. Finally, the laboratory will be integrated into a ubiquitous power Internet of Things management support platform.

国内首个泛在电力物联网实验室在沪成立 电网有了“全科保健医生”

On the same day, the activity site also showed a new type of non-power outage operation robot for distribution network. This robot is the first non-power outage operation robot with maintenance and operation capability in Shanghai power industry. It is planned to be put into practical production and application in June and September this year.
This year, the State Grid Shanghai Electric Power has given top priority to promoting the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of Things.  In the next 3-5 years, State Grid Shanghai Electric Power will continue to deeply integrate modern information and communication technologies to build a ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things in Shanghai with comprehensive state perception, comprehensive data integration, efficient platform sharing and convenient and flexible application.
Source: People's Network-Shanghai Channel


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