With the arrival of 5G, how can the wire and cable industry find new pain points?

With the arrival of 5G, how can the wire and cable industry find new pain points?

2019-07-26 01:56

After entering 2019, the commercial pace of 5G is accelerating. The 5G era has arrived. What changes will it bring to our work and life? Where will the 5G pain points and explosions occur? For a time, the debate about 5G has become more and more serious. So, with the arrival of 5G, how can the wire and cable industry find new pain points?


Before the emergence of 5G, the network we used was constantly updated from 1G-4G, and more was to serve the communication between people, and the emergence of 5G was more for "things" and "things". The interconnection of "people" and "things", that is, the Internet of Things based on the Internet of Things, has become a world of great things.
The Internet of Things has a long history, and the arrival of 5G networks will accelerate development to some extent, but it has a major reliance on some key components, especially the connectors and cables used in wireless and wired infrastructure. The ultimate goal of the 5G network is to realize the interconnection of all things at any time and place, so that humans dare to expect to participate in the same way with all the things on the earth through the live broadcast, but to achieve this leap on a large scale will depend on the adoption of new cable technology.
The current situation in China is that the quality problem is getting more and more serious. The wire and cable manufacturing industry is over-developed extensively. The overall capacity of wire and cable is seriously over-supplied, and the utilization rate of ordinary wire and cable production equipment is generally less than 40%.
If you are free to indulge in this way, it is very likely that you will not be able to match the development speed of 5G. Optical cable can transmit higher bandwidth, so it is an indispensable configuration for the processing speed of future 5G network products. To achieve rapid development, the necessary hardware is also essential. Therefore, the pain points to be solved in the future are more to increase the speed and density of processing, while reducing delay, consuming less energy, and generating less heat.
At the same time, a new generation of cable and connector suppliers should be actively prepared for the arrival of 5G networks. In 2019, 4G expansion and 5G commercialization began. In 2020, 5G will be commercialized on a large scale. If equipment manufacturers can launch new connectors and cable products in 2020, not only will the company achieve breakthrough growth, but also accelerate the 5G application. Landed quickly. The arrival of 5G will inevitably stimulate the development of the global wire and cable industry, but China's top ten cable companies only occupy less than 10% of the Chinese market, which means that the development potential of leading enterprises is huge, and China's market share can be increased first.
Moreover, from the perspective of a larger vision and a broader view, with the continuous development of high-speed network infrastructure, the processing speed is getting higher and higher, the composition of 5G network, the cable solution replaces the copper in the transatlantic submarine transmission pipeline. Electricity is also a matter of time. From the realization of technology, the optical cable must be squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces, and the size and diameter of the cable bundle need to be further improved. This requires the leading enterprises to improve their research and development capabilities and technical level.
This means that if you want to wire and cable better to the special industry, the technical content, applicable conditions and added value of the cable will be much higher than the common industrial applications, that is, the quality improvement of the wire and cable is also the development of 5G network. One of the keys.
According to the country's main application areas of wire and cable - power (new energy, smart grid), rail transit, aerospace, marine engineering and other plans, the future of China's wire and cable industry is promising, industry product upgrade trend is obvious, is expected to 2024 The annual demand for industry is expected to exceed 1.9 trillion yuan, and the 5G blessing will further increase the industrial capacity.
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